What happens to the face after the Ozempic?

Some of the side effects of slimming injections, like the well-known drug Ozempic, are not listed in the leaflet. Some users of the medication observe a definite sagging of the facial skin. The term for this is Ozempic face syndrome. These people appear older and more serious as a result. What causes this symptom, and how can it be lessened?

Ozempic (semaglutide) is a very well-known prescription drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. Studies show that the supplement is effective at lowering body weight (by almost 15% on average) and controlling blood sugar. It is widely used because of this all over the world. However, it turns out that losing weight quickly comes at a cost, which is visible on the face. Thankfully, there is a fix for that. Specialists advise using a range of techniques, from professional invasive procedures to simple and accessible non-invasive ones.

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What is an “Ozempic face”?

“Ozempic face” is the sagging of the facial skin as a result of using Ozempic to lose weight and body fat quickly. Some patients say that as the treatment goes on, their wrinkles get deeper and their faces look thinner, which could make them look older and more serious. This unfavourable weight loss effect happens particularly when weight loss takes place quickly, as it frequently does with injectable semaglutide.

“Ozempic face” — a new term, a known problem.

According to the New York Times, a New York dermatologist coined the phrase “Ozempic face” after patients whose facial skin sagged after taking the drug asked him about it. In actuality, this issue is not brand new. Any weight loss method that produces quick results usually causes the skin to sag and the facial features to tighten. This results from the loss of adipose tissue, which serves as our body’s natural filler, as well as nutrient deprivation, skin thinning, and elasticity loss. The skin becomes more flaccid as a result of the disruption in the metabolism of collagen and elastin.

The Ozempic Face: How to Deal with It?

Specialists in the so-called different methods are recommended for the ozempic face. To reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness, we can use simple methods on our own.

  • drinking plenty of fluids.
  • a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables,
  • skin protection against solar radiation,
  • Skin preparations with retinol,
  • daily moisturising of the face skin,
  • peelings,
  • regular facial massage.

Professional treatments that improve facial firmness and give a rejuvenating effect include:

  • filling wrinkles (e.g., with own fat or hyaluronic acid),
  • face firming with radio waves, 
  • infrared radiation therapy,
  • needle and needleless mesotherapy,
  • chemical peels.

The selection of the appropriate method for us should be discussed with a dermatologist or specialist in aesthetic medicine. It is worth remembering about proper face care and healthy eating while using Ozempic. Thanks to this, the risk that the effects visible on the face will be unsatisfactory for us will be smaller.

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