Who will be the first lady of Pakistan?

When Shahbaz Sharif was elected Prime Minister and took oath of office in a few hours hisson Shahbaz Sharif and niece Maryam Nawaz were present in the guest gallery but his wives were not seen.

The topic was also raised in the press gallery above who will get the title of First Lady now? Someone said, “There are probably three women in Shahbaz Sharif’s marriage.”

Prime Minister has started his engagements in the capital. But the Prime Minister’s House is unable to confirm who the country’s first lady is. BBC reported.

As MNA, Shahbaz Sharif has written the address of Model Town Lahore in his details in the directory of National Assembly.

When the BBC journalist contacted his home. The staff told the journalist, “We are unaware of the First Lady and the protocol, so the PM House should be contacted.” However, the staff confirmed that “since the beginning of political activity in Islamabad, there is no one here at home.”

PM House the staff are also not aware of the this..

When the BBC journalist called both Protocol and PSO offices and repeated the same question as to who got the status of First Lady and what is the protocol for them as First Lady is also always with us at events and domestic and foreign tours. Are often visible.

Surprisingly, staff at both offices blamed each other, saying “we don’t know who the first lady is yet.”

Journalist and analyst Salman Ghani, who knows the Sharif family very well, told the BBC: “Shahbaz Sharif has three wives but never has any of his wives been seen with him at public events. ۔ ‘

Shahbaz Sharif’s first wife is Nusrat Shahbaz who has three children including Hamza Shahbaz. She is also the first cousin of Shahbaz Sharif. Nusrat Shahbaz has never been seen active at the political and social level nor has he been seen at any public function. Yes, of course, the value of their assets is being made public at the public level by the Election Commission only when Shahbaz Sharif declares his assets.

Even in the year 2018, Dawn newspaper in its report quoting the details of statements and assets from the Election Commission wrote that Nusrat Shahbaz is richer than her husband Shahbaz Sharif.

It is reported in Lahore that Shahbaz Sharif lives with Nusrat Shahbaz.

He has a second wife, Alia, with whom he has a daughter, Khadija, but they are now separated.

The third wife of the newly elected Prime Minister is social activist and author Tehmina Durrani from Charsadda. Tehmina whose book ‘My Feudal Lord’ became very popular. This is her autobiography in which she describes her past life and previous marriage experience.

Because of this he had to face the wrath of his parents. Tehmina Durrani has also written Abdul Sattar Edhi’s biography ‘A Mirror to the Blind’. His other two books, Blasphemy and Happy Things in All Times, also became very popular.

Tehmina married Shahbaz Sharif 19 years ago, but according to Salman Ghani, she has not been as active on the scene as she used to be.

She lives in a house of ten marlas in Lahore. In one of her pictures on Twitter , she wrote, “What is freedom? Ten-marla house, at twelve o’clock at night, she is sitting in the room with (Shahbaz Sharif) smiling and there are many pictures on the wall.” ‘

After the election of Shahbaz Sharif as the Prime Minister, Tehmina Durrani did not tweet nor was she in the swearing in ceremony.

However, in a short interview with anchor Mubashir Luqman on her YouTube channel, she called herself First Lady and then three days later Tehmina Durrani posted a picture with Balqis Edhi’s visit.

Source: BBC

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