With the hashtag “Circle,” Twitter is experimenting tweets for a narrower circle.

The “Circle” function essentially goes against Twitter’s primary idea, as it only allows tweets to be shared in a smaller circle.

Twitter is experimenting with a feature that goes against one of the service’s core principles: Tweets can only be shared in a smaller circle when using the “Circle” function. Twitter justified the move by saying, “Not every tweet is intended for everyone.”

“Circle” makes it easy to have private chats and form closer bonds with a small number of people. A “circle” can have up to 150 users.

Twitter has always operated in such a way that tweets are essentially public and visible to everyone. Direct messaging between users and the option to make all tweets from an account available exclusively to those approved by the profile owner are the only two exceptions thus far.

Twitter clarified that tweets published in a “circle” cannot be retweeted or shared. According to the company, the feature would be provided to a limited number of people worldwide at first.

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, is trying to acquire Twitter. He believes that the service imposes excessive restrictions on free speech on the site. Musk and the board of directors of Twitter have agreed to a deal for roughly 44 billion dollars, but he still needs enough stockholders to want to sell him their shares. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to Twitter and Musk.


Twitter attempts to reassure its advertisers on the new “freedom of expression” of Elon Musk

The social network Twitter has been surrounded by a certain lack of clarity on various subjects, including the very sensitive issue of freedom of movement after the news of the takeover by Elon Musk.

After saying, among other things, that “Twitter censored freedom of expression” and would be an agent of change, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has since sparked advertisers’ concerns.

Twitter has written to advertisers in a bid to reassure them.

Elon Musk, who is already thinking about the future of the social network, said that he reclaimed Twitter as the “absolutist of freedom of speech. This idea may impact advertising activity on the Little Blue Bird platform,

Advertisers are becoming concerned about the future of free speech on Twitter. They are concerned about increased misuse and toxicity of the content.

Twitter generates about $4.5 billion per year for advertising. It receives 217 million daily users.

Are we moving in the next few months towards a scenario similar to that of 2020, when the giants Coca-Cola, Ford and Unilever boycotted Facebook?

Fake accounts will no longer have a place on Twitter, the new Twitter administration has announced major changes

The new Twitter administration has announced that there will now be a complete ban on advertisements and posts on the platform that deny any form of climate change. According to the new administration, fake accounts will no longer have a place on Twitter.

Elon Musk announces new changes to Twitter after buying Twitter for 44 44 billion.

According to the details, Elon Musk has announced that freedom of expression will be ensured on Twitter, while Elon Musk has also signaled crackdown against Twitter bots, fake accounts will no longer have a place on Twitter, while Twitter has announced. Advertising and posts on its platform that deny any kind of climate change (global climate change) will now be completely banned.

I support Mr. Elon Musk decision to ban fake accounts.

Twitter is banning all advertising that is anti-climate change, even if it is based on science. The statement from Twitter said: The perpetrators should not have the right to make money from Twitter.
Such misleading advertisements can distract the public from the real and important discussion of environmental and climate crisis.

Next month we will be adding more accurate weather information to Twitter. But anti-climate advertising will be banned under our policy.

It should be noted that Elon Musk had bought Twitter a few days ago. The deal was done for $44 billion. Elon Musk seems to be working hard to tackle climate change, and he has taken a number of steps in this direction. Electric vehicles are a significant achievement. Tesla’s business grew exponentially. On the other hand, another Musk company, SpaceX, also grew in one year and became the first private company to send astronauts into space.

Editing Twitter entries becomes a reality

Editing entries on Twitter is an option that has been coveted by users for years. Until now, Twitter has always said that there is no such possibility and it will not be. But something has changed.

Twitter is an interesting creation. I remember its beginnings when many denied the need for this medium at all. When it turned out that this service offers the most effective and fastest form of providing short information – it gathered a huge community around it. It is a completely different medium than Facebook, Intagram or TikTok. Over the years, we have witnessed the development of the platform. Character limits and multimedia options have changed. The current Twitter by no means resembles the one from 2006. One thing, however, remains the same: no editing of entries. All this time, the creators of the website went into obstinacy: there was no such option, there is not and will not be. Until now that they have decided to change their minds!

Editing Twitter entries becomes a reality. The company officially announces a new function
And this narrative lasted until yesterday, when it was unexpectedly announced that work on editing had been going on for a year. In the first place, in the testing phase, the new feature will go to subscribers (not available in Poland) Twitter Blue – the premium version of the website. But these tests will not start today or tomorrow – we can expect their start in the coming months . You can see how it works in practice on the following short demo material:

Long-term users, however, have reasons to be happy – after all these months of pleading, it seems that they can finally count on the desired function soon. However, we are waiting for more information related to the topic – just how much time after publication of the post it will be possible to edit it, what the changes in multimedia will look like, etc. So far – all this is still in question.

Twitter Introduces New Reply Control Feature

Twitter often introduces new features for the convenience of its users. This time Twitter has introduced a feature that will provide significant convenience to users. Microblogging   site  Twitter  has  solved a long-standing  problem of users  by  bringing  a new    reply  feature  on        twitter,   now  users  will be able to get more control over their  tweets. 

The micro-blogging site Twitter has solved a long-standing problem of users by introducing this a new feature. It is related to replies to Twitter. Now users will be able to gain more control over their tweets.To limit   the reply   to the tweet, the       blogging      website        introduced  a  feature in  2020  last  year,  but  it  has now been further      modified.   Users  will be    able to decide    who    can  reply  to    their    tweets    before  tweeting.   That is,     this way certain  people    can be   allowed    to do so. 

Twitter had  introduced a feature  in 2020 to limit replies to tweets, but this feature has now been further modified. Users will be able to decide who can reply to their tweets before they tweet. That is, it will allow certain people to do so.In a blog post on Twitter’s website, Suzanne Zhi, director of product management, says users will be given three options before tweeting. Upon selecting the first option, any user will be free to respond to the tweet. In the second option, only users who have been followed will be able to reply. While only the users mentioned in the third and last option will be eligible to reply.

The blog  says    that the     purpose    of      introducing  this  feature      is to    protect  users’  tweets  and  further  improve  interaction.   

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