Ultra processed foods cause intestinal and stomach problemm

A recent study has found that certain types of processed foods, drinks and biscuits are ‘ultra-processed’ causing a number of diseases, such foods usually cause diseases of the intestines, stomach, liver and stomach.

According to the research published in the medical journal ‘CGH Journal’, experts reviewed five different studies from 2002 to 2022 to find out the effects of ‘ultra-processed’ foods on human health

A review of past research has shown that ‘ultra-processed’ foods cause ‘Crohn’s disease’, which is actually a disease of the intestines, stomach, liver, gall bladder and stomach, and that of humans. The digestive system is directly affected .

Foods use chemicals to keep them fresher for longer, which is why they are not good for health.

The most common types of ‘ultra-processed’ foods are ready-made foods available in markets, which are eaten hot at home, but such foods also include fast food, while some types of bread, including beverages and biscuits, are also ultra-processed. .

‘Ultra-processed’ foods are high in sugar, salt, ghee, oil and chemicals, making them dangerous for the human digestive system

 They cause inflammation or body irritation, and complaints such as abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation and inflammation of the intestines are common.

People who eat fast food, fried foods, and ultra-processed foods are also more likely to complain of inflammation or swelling in the esophagus, while also having serious digestive problems.

People who constantly consume ‘ultra-processed’ foods are also at increased risk of developing certain serious diseases, including complaints of blood in stool and urine

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